Vacuum glass tube solar collector

Villas, high-rise and multi-storey buildings and places with high requirements for architectural appearance.

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The water-in-glass evacuated tubular solar water heater is the most widely used form of evacuated tube collector because it has higher thermal efficiency than other evacuated tube collectors employing metal-in-glass manifolds and has simpler construction requirements and lower manufacturing costs. A water-in-glass evacuated tube solar water heater typically consists of 15–40 flooded single-ended tubes in direct connection to a horizontal tank. The solar absorber tube consists of two concentric glass tubes sealed at one end with an annular vacuum space and a selective surface absorber on the outer surface (vacuum side) of the inner tube. The heat transfer in this collector is driven purely by natural circulation of water through the single-ended tubes. Water in the tubes is heated by solar radiation, rises to the storage tank and is replaced by colder water from the tank.
Product type Z-QB/0.06-WF-3.90/60-47-1 Z-QB/0.06-WF-4.20/60-47-2 Z-QB/0.06-WF-4.90/50-58-1
Specification ∮47×1500×60 ∮47×1600×60 ∮58×1800×50
Product size(mm)(L*W) 3100×2040 3200×2040 3700×2040
Hole spacing (mm) 65 65 78
Daylighting area (m2) 3.90 4.20 4.90
Total area (m2) 6.32 6.53 7.55
Union box liner material and thickness (mm) SUS304/0.40 SUS304/0.40 SUS304/0.40
Union box shell material and thickness (mm) Coloured steel sheets/0.40 Coloured steel sheets/0.40 Coloured steel sheets//0.35
Support material Hot-dip galvanised angles Hot-dip galvanised angles Hot-dip galvanised angles
Insulation thickness (mm) 50 50 50
Connectors DN25X50 DN25X50 DN25X50
Joint box length (mm) 2040 2040 2040
1.As a manufacturer of solar energy,we can offer customize for your local need and design your local system,print your logo etc. 2.OEM & ODM 3.Warranty 5 years 4.Online service (support video,picture),one-stop service from design to installation. 5.Quality guaranteed,product quality tests are carried out before leaving the factory. 6.Standard export package (wooden box or carton box with pallet)
High thermal efficiency and low heat loss: long service life, the without external force can be used for more than 20 years, no decay good thermal insulation effect. Certificates:,CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001,Safety Production License

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