Multi-grid PERC half-sheet solar PV modules

Multi-grid PERC half-sheet solar PV modules,DHM72T30/MR525-550

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Adopting multi-main shed (MBB) half-sheet technology, the output power is away from 550W, and the conversion efficiency of the module reaches 21.28%. Anti-PID performance. The PID(Potential Induced Degradation) resis-tance authority test (85 ° C/85% RH, 96 hours) under the harsh conditions of the industry minimizes the chance of degradation caused by the PID. 10/11 main grid cells. All the cells are upgraded to 10/11 main grid cells, which have stronger current collection capability and more stable power. Mechanical load. Certified for wind load of 2400 Pa at the back of the assembly and snow load of 5400 Pa at the front. Excellent low light power generation performance. Excellent electrical performance output under low light conditions. Low light attenuation. Rigorous ATLAS steady-state light testing ensures excellent photoluminescence performance for each batch of modules. Rigorous EL testing. Spatial resolution is less than 0.5mm, and more than two EL tests before and after to ensure zero defects inside the component. Fully automated component production line. Guarantee 100% on line production and 100% online inspection to ensure consistent product quality. .100% fully automatic production line, ensuring 100% in-line inspection on the production line. Effectively avoiding the risk of hidden cracks and inherent defects, improving efficiency, reducing manual errors, precision welding, and maintaining uniform product quality standards. .First-class photovoltaic testing center, up to 38 valid tests and experiments to ensure product quality. .High, medium and low current classification to improve system output performance. .Two EL tests before and after. 12-focus EL to overcome depth-of-field differences, spatial resolution of 0.4-0.5mm high and low currents are tested separately, with zero tolerance for quality risks. .Long-term reliability testing. The PV testing center follows the standard of 3 times thousand conventional tests to guarantee the longer life cycle of the modules. Certificates:,IEC61215,IEC61730,UL1703,CQC,TUV,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,ISO45001:2018As a manufacturer of solar energy,we can offer customize for your local need and design your local system,print your logo etc. OEM & ODM Warranty 5 years Online service (support video,picture),one-stop service from design to installation. Quality guaranteed,product quality tests are carried out before leaving the factory. Standard export package (wooden box or carton box with pallet)Mechanical properties
Battery Type Monocrystalline
Component weight 28kg
Component Size 2279* 1134 *35mm
Number of Cells 144 (6*24)
Cable cross-sectional area 4mm2
Junction Box IP68, 3 diodes
Connector MC4 compatible connector
Packaging Information 31pieces per pallet
Electrical performance parameters under STC
Model DHM72T30-525/MR DHM72T30-530/MR DHM72T30-535/MR DHM72T30-540/MR DHM72T30-545/MR DHM72T30-550/MR
Max.power(W) 525W 530W 535W 540W 545W 550W
Voltage at max.power point (VMP/V) 41.24V 41.53V 41.82V 42.12V 42.41V 42.71V
Current at max. power point (IMP/A) 12.73A 12.76A 12.79A 12.82A 12.85A 12.88A
Open circuit voltage (VOC/V) 49.05V 49.20V 49.35V 49.51V 49.69V 49.88V
Short circuit current (ISC/A) 13.61A 13.68A 13.75A 13.82A 13.89A 13.97A
Component efficiency [%] 20.31% 20.51% 20.70% 20.89% 21.09% 21.28%
Power tolerance (W)

0~ +5

Standard test environment lrradiance 1000W /m2, cell tempe「ature 25 ° C, spectrum AM1.5
Note: Due to continuous innovation, research and product upgrades, the parameters in this specification do not refer to a single component and can only be used for comparison between types Electrical performance parameters under NOCT
Model DHM72T30-525/MR DHM72T30-530/MR DHM72T30-535/MR DHM72T30-540/MR DHM72T30-545/MR DHM72T30-550/MR
Max.power(W) 391W 394W 398W 402W 405W 409W
Voltage at max.power point (VMP/V) 38.30V 38.55V 38.79V 39.04V 39.28V 39.49V
Current at max. power point (IMP/A) 10.20A 10.23A 10.26A 10.29A 10.32A 10.36A
Open circuit voltage (VOC/V) 45.96V 46.11V 46.27V 46.42V 46.58V 46.74V
Short circuit current (ISC/A) 11.01A 11.08A 11.14A 11.20A 11.27A 11.34A
Nominal cell operating temperature (NOCT) lrradiance 800W/m3, ambient temperature 20 °C, spectrum AM1.5G, wind speed 1 m/s
Working parameters
Maxmum system vo|tage 1500V ( TUV)
Operating temperature -40"C ~ +85°C
Maximum fuse current rating 25A
Maximum static load, front 5400 Pa
Maximum static load, back side 2400 Pa
Nominal battery operating temperature 45 土 2 °C
Application Level Class A
TemperatureCharacteristics Power -0.350%/° C
Open Circuit Voltage -0.274%/° C
Short circuit current 0.044%/° C

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